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My name is Ian Robertson. I am a legal specialist in the areas of animal law, biosecurity and food safety.

I know how prosecution works, having spent nearly seven years working as a prosecutor for the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, worked as a Statewide Specialist on compliance involving livestock in Australia, and alongside other prosecution and regulatory authorities around the world including, for example, the UK. That experience is now put to effect in Guardianz.

The experience is complimented by roles teaching these specialty subjects in university law schools, writing and publishing, advising government and non-government organisations alike.

So whether you’re wanting help with legal proceedings, needing guidance and help regarding the law as it relates to your product and/or organisation objectives, or requiring professional development and education programmes on how to address the nuances of any of the specialty subjects of Guardianz, then contact me and let’s make sure you’re properly informed – before you make decisions that are either incorrect, needlessly high risk, and/or potentially costly.

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Ian A. Robertson
"...The animal law specialist"

Ian A. Robertson

Animals, Welfare and the Law

How we can help.

Guardianz can help you deal with a wide range of legal issues, objectives and assistance in the identified subject areas. Keep in mind that the specialties of Guardianz subjects and experience are relevant to an enormous number of other pieces of law and wider considerations. For example:

Examples of some of the matters that Guardianz deals with include:

Have you got something else that involves animals, biosecurity and/or food? Just contact Guardianz and let’s see how we can best help. If we can help, we will. If your matter requires alternative expertise, then we’ll endeavour to help by putting you in contact with someone who is in a better position to assist.

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